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About us

As a fully owned and operated family business, we value our customers and make an effort to meet as many of you as feasible.  E-commerce doesn’t allow for that very often so we decided to introduce you to the three primary family members responsible for insuring your purchases and shopping experiences are perfect.


Aussie’s have a saying, ‘fair dinkim’ which is synonymous with real, genuine, honest, true, and unpretentious.  That’s why we dispensed with fancy titles when introducing you to who we are.


Edward, or Papa of the Clan,established and runs our Fiji operation and factory in Nadi, Fiji. Edward has more than 30 years of experience dealing with China, as well as financial, manufacturing and operations, packaging, branding, negotiating and marketing skills. 


Jeanette, or Mama and Boss Lady, has been involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Australian Lamb and Sheepskin products all her life. Along with being the ‘family guru’ of the business she’s highly skilled in all areas of logistics and is in charge of all product movement between Australia and China.


Michael, their son, has assumed the lead role for guiding AusLambKin, Australia, Ltd.’sday to day expansion in China.  He’s uniquely qualified for this thanks to extensive experience in the international business arena with a focus on China. Based in Shanghai, Michael serves as lead developer, negotiator and controller for all aspects of our China growth.Simultaneously, he’s currently completing his Doctoral Dissertation on "Applied Cultural Business Ethics and Challenges in China" while moving forward in his pursuit of Mandarin proficiency.


If you’re planning to visit Fiji, stop past our factory and say “Bulla” - Fijian for hi … or g’day mate in Australian.