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You’re the intrepid reporter asking all the right questions, starting with “Who are you?”


We’re a Family Business

Three generations of our family have been Marino Sheep breeders in Australia. We were born on the family sheep station; it was there we took our first steps; uttered our first coherent words; learned to read and do math’s; experienced our first teenage infatuations, and ultimately became husbands, wives and parents.

As with farmers, when you work the land you acquire a deep love, patience, and attentiveness to every minute detail from optimum grass seeds to sheep pre-natal care.  Over generations, family sons and daughters have developed individual areas of expertize which, in turn, were passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Today, while each of us has a solid working knowledge of sheep raising, all family members are specifically trained in a wide variety of careers from accounting to business operations; from interior design to marketing to a high level of linguistic in Chinese. 

This is what it takes to keep a family business alive, changing and maturing with the times and growing. That is what we want and why we do everything we do.


Why Are We in Fiji

Back in 2009 the Fijian economy needed diversification and new business development. We wanted to establish a production facility outside of Australia and we recognized a social entrepreneurship opportunity to help a neighbor.

Being totally honest and before you ask - I love the ocean, sailing, surfing and diving; Fiji offers me an unbridled opportunity to indulge.


Why We Are Always in Australia

Because Australia is home. Because Australia has a special place in our hearts and in our emotional and psychological make-up. It is, simply, who and what we are.

We’ve called New South Wales, Australia, home since before 1796.  That year, however, signified the start of our family history in sheep breeding.  It was in 1796 that distant family ancestors, John and Elizabeth Macarthur, brought the first Merino sheep to Australia. 

These ‘founding sheep’ were from a flock of Spanish Merino sheep reared in South Africa. Unlike other breeds of sheep, Merinos have an incredibly thick, fine fleece that makesit far preferable to any other wool for spinning and weaving fine fabrics.

Today, every single one of our Lambskin and Sheepskin products are from the descendants of that original line.


Quality, Quality, Quality

Everything we do is focused on producing unrivaled, top quality products for our customers. We use only the finest Lambskin and Sheepskin.  Every single solitary item we sell is completely hand-made. All our product is 100% A-Grade Marino wool. The back side tanning process used for rugs, etc. is 100% safe and natural


Why do go to such extremes to produce only the best?

Because of you.

Because perfection matters.